Our little beauties

Our little beauties! New

Welcome to Steve’s Leaves – home of fresh and tasty leaves from nature-friendly farms

Our tasty range

Steve hasn’t stopped exploring flavours. Today we offer a range of flavour-filled true baby leaf salad to suit any mealsign up to our newsletter for tasty recipe ideas!

Shower head
Small, tasty peashoot leaf

Washed in spring water

All of our leaves are gently washed in fresh water straight from our own spring (and absolutely nothing else).

Nature friendly farming

Grown on farms working hard to enhance nature

Our goal is to increase biodiversity and we manage many areas of our farms to attract wildlife.

The unusual suspects

Watercress Red Chard Beet Leaves Peashoots

Steve is our very own ‘flavour pioneer’. He inspires us to grow the most flavour-packed, award-winning salad leaves imaginable.

Packed in
fresh air

Now 100% recyclable bag. We take extra care of our babies. Our unique pillow-bags are filled with nothing but fresh air, cushioning our leaves so they won’t get squished in your trolley or fridge. Packed in perfect portion sized packs for no waste.

Watercress leaf


Watercress is part of our DNA. We love this peppery powerhouse - nutrient dense, versatile in lots of dishes and a sustainable crop - find our why we love it so much here.