Wild about wildflower meadows!

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Wild about wildflower meadows!

It’s scary to think that in the UK alone we've lost 97% of wildflower meadows. So for us, it’s a no brainer to do something to help!

Wildflower meadows have 150 different species of flower and grass that support a host of insects from bees and beetles to grasshoppers and butterflies, which in turn support other small animals and birds. This could mean a meadow could contain up to 40 species per square metre!

The decline in wild meadows has made it much harder for insects and animals, so at Steve’s Leaves we decided a while ago that we would dedicate 10% of our farmland to wildlife habitats, including wildflower havens.

Why not start a wildflower meadow of your own? Autumn is the perfect time for planting seeds – use this easy guide from the RSPB and get sowing & growing! Or visit a wildflower meadow near you.