Choose the leaves your food deserves

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Choose the leaves your food deserves

Steve’s Leaves knows you want to feel awesome and food plays a big part in that. The food you eat must be delicious and if it can be quick and simple to put together than even better. After all, you are super busy. You’ve got your go to favourite meals that hit the spot; whether they are midweek wonders or weekend crowd pleasers, so why let them down with limp and lifeless leaves?Choose the leaves your food deserves! Just like Amy has done…

Amy says, ‘Rub your seabass with oil, paprika, salt and pepper and grill until its flaky. Serve with a zingy citrus salsa made with grapefruit, orange, coriander, lime juice, garlic and a little oil.’ Steve says, ‘This deserves our delicate Pea Shoots & Baby Leaves mix for the perfect summer-sweet freshness.’ For the full recipe, click here

Like you, we’ve no time for soggy, sub-par salad. So, we only wash our leaves in spring water (never, ever chlorine) and pillow pack our leaves for just-picked freshness, every time.

We’d love you to try Amy’s recipe idea, or let us know how good one of your own recipes taste when you bring Steve’s Leaves to the party. Let us know what you get on!

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