Nature friendly

We’re a big believer that Mother Nature knows best; that’s why all of our farms are nature-friendly.

Fair to Nature Conservation Grade

10% dedicated to wildlife

All our farms have 10% of land set aside to support wildlife. The bees and butterflies love our pollen and nectar rich wildflower meadows and farmland birds can eat to their hearts content from our wild bird food crops such as knapweed, scabious, red clover, kale and millet.

Creature welfare

We’re pretty serious about looking after the birds on our farms, some of which are endangered. We’ve given tree sparrows a helping hand on our Wiltshire farm by putting up bird boxes; while in Kent our farm is home to rare yellowhammers.

Creature Welfare image

Natural pest-control

Unsurprisingly, all kinds of bugs and pests want to feast on our lovely leaves. So we create safe habitats where they can feed happily away from our fields. And by keeping Rocket, our own barn owl and Danny the Harris Hawk, we can just let nature take its course.

P.S — Danny and Rocket also help us with farm visits and teaching kids about wildlife!

Rocket the Barn Owl Say hello to Rocket

Our gorgeous farms

We’re proud to grow the freshest and tastiest nature-friendly leaves you can buy. And we do it all on our farms in Hampshire, Wiltshire and Kent – some of the loveliest parts of the country – as well as our own farms in sunny Southern Europe.

Farming fields Salad leaves

Grown solely in natural light